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Double Drive Time
"Double drive time" - by the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) of California, we will double the time it takes to get from point A (Pickup) to point B (Delivery) or in between. Example: if a move starts at 09:00 AM, and was done in Orange County by 12:00 PM, and it took 30 minutes to drive, the total charge would be 3,5 hours.
3 Hour Minimum
Even though we service the smallest of moves, that MAY take from only 30 minutes to bigger moves which may take over 5 hours, we do have a minimum requirement of 3 hours which means that the least amount we can charge is 3 hours even if the move takes less than that. However if you move is less than 3 hours do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your particular move and what we can potential offer you.
All Packing Material
Included in Rates :
-Moving blankets
-Wardrobe boxes
-Unlimited wrapping materials
-Stairs, Long walks
-Variety size of boxes
-Packing paper.